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Prayer Update – June 9, 2009

Please pray for the needs of the six children currently at Street Kids Philippine Missions and that God would send us those who would receive Him as Lord and King.

Please pray God would provide the necessary funds as we search for a piece of land and a permanent home we can call “Street Kids PM” where we can plant a garden and fruit trees and the children would have a place to play. Currently the children are living on the fifth floor of a commercial building along with several other businesses.

Please also pray that the children will come to know how deep and how wide is the love of God toward them and that they wiould come to know Him as Father, Savior and Holy Lord.
Please pray that God will continue to provide the monies to pay for someone to cook for the kids and wash their clothes at 3,800 pesos a month.  We need help providing food, (donations of dry food items high in protien would bless the children immensely. Malnutrition among chilren in the Philippines is very common. Also, there is a great need for clothing, school supplies, especially ball point pens and pencils, uniforms, clothing, shoe and sneakers, toiletries, etc. for each of the kids.  The current cost to provide housing and schooling for each child is 7,500 pesos ($165 U.S.).

Please pray for the students and funding for the current Bible students that attend the Center.
Please also pray God would provide all Matthew and Lee’s needs specifically for traveling expenses, visas, a used car, kitchen appliances, furniture and, everything we need to set up a household as we endeavor to relocate from Mexico to Cebu. We also pray the current flu pandemic will not hinder our going.

Sponsors willing to partner with us are more than welcome. Currently donations can be made online at or by snail mail to Mexico Mulitple Missions, P.O. Box 3660, Fabens, TX 79838. Please designate the monies to Street Kids Philippine Missions c/o Matthew and Dalisay Dwinells.

Please know that we appreciate your prayers.  And if there is anything we can be praying for you, please let us know. You are precious in our sight.

We’d like to enlist your prayers for a highly important need for Mexico Multiple Missions, Rancho 3M. Please pray for a Christian husband for Melissa Schlax, (Lee’s replacement), for a man who knows how to lead spiritually and is committed to this purpose, is sold out to God, wants to serve in long term missions in Mexico and looks good in a cowboy hat.

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