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Ranch Pictures

Time is passing quickly away. And soon we will have to move on. Enjoy the pics!

We’re going to miss you Rancho 3M!


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  1. Terry / September 15, 2009

    Ellen and I are happy to see you all are doing well. We heard here about the 17 killed at the Aliviane rehab center in Juarez and have targeted our prayers for “divine” safety and protection as well as safe passage and great favor with your arrival here in the Philippines. I used to be a client at the Aliviane in El Paso. Ellen and I are desiring to return to El Paso but want above all things to be in the center of God’s will. We hope you can spend some time here before heading south to Cebu. Evil and unrighteousness is increasing here and around the world but we are comforted knowing His righteousness and goodness increases that much more. Again, we are praying continually for your safety.

    In Christ’s Love,
    Terry & Ellen

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