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Jr. and Jako

Jr. & Jako

Jr. & Jako

Meet Jr. and Jako. When His Dwelling Christian Church found the boys, they were half naked, hungry, living on the streets and sniffing glue. Today they are well established in the church. They are happy, give thanks to God for all they have and, they are doing well in school.

Jr. and Jako have friends on the street who would like to live at the orphanage but the church budget won’t allow for it. Please join with us in prayer that this very urgent need is met. There are more than 50,000 known children living on the streets of the Visayan Islands alone.

But even now there is good news to be shared: To date, funds have been raised in the amount of $2,970 for the orphanage and as we publish this post, Pastor Cornelio is looking at a lot one-half hour south of the city. He met the owner when he married them three weeks ago. Though we have yet to determine the size of the lot we anticipate total cost of the land to meet our minimum needs will run $20,000 some odd dollars.

Matthew and Lee are preparing to leave Guadalupe, Mexico and Rancho 3M this week and they will continue to raise funds over the next several weeks and months in hopes of seeing the hand of God move mightily. We believe God will provide! Please join with us in prayer.

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