Creating a Generation of Children After God's Own Heart


Pray With Us

Leaving Rancho3M in Guadalupe, Mexico was hard. While we transition from one mission-adventure to another, our emotions are mixed. We have left many good friends behind at the Ranch and our church family in El Paso. We will treasure them all always. A BIG THANKS to Dean and Denise who have imparted must wisdom to us. The things we learned are invaluable.

We have a new addition to the orphanage: Marwin a 5 year old boy. (More details to come in the future.) Other very needed children have been turned away as the Church does not have sufficient monies to support them.

Most of you know that we are praying concerning purchasing a piece of land one-half hour south of Cebu City for the orphanage in Cebu. The property itself is more than 6 acres and has fruit trees. The property is valued in the low $51,000 range but is negotiable. Please pray God will provide the funds for the land and to build a house. We currently have raised $3,000 but, some of that money will be needed for our non-profit application.

We will provide pictures as they become available. Your prayers and friendship are deeply valued. Together, we will raise a generation of children after God’s own heart.

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