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Filmmaker captures a day in the life of Cebu street kids

Although we have not been directly affected by the recent typhoons, the plight of street children in Cebu as well as all of the street kids in the Philippines is very real. Please visit this site for a recent tragic story of Thommy and Freckles, whose stories are shared in large part by many of the children Street Kids Philippines Mission serves. But for the children of Street Kids PM there are long-term answers and resolutions. Please help us bring a hope and a future to the lives of children like Thommy and Freckles before their lives come to a tragic end; i.e., death and hopeless despair. Jr. and Jako are living productive, fruitful lives. We serve a mighty God who never forgets or forsakes his children. He is with us and them though we pass through the valley of death:

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or click on the following link:  Al Jazeera English – WITNESS – Filmmaker’s view: Hard Time There are pressing matters at hand indeed.

Poverty comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. It knows no borders. Our vision is to provide a hope and a future–long term solutions to a people group, impoverished children, who have no dreams of a better tomorrow. Please join our cause.

In the Philippines street children are children who either live or work on the streets, spending a significant amount of time engaged in different occupations, with or without the care and protection of responsible adults. Age range 5-18.

They come from families with at least 6 to 7 members. Majority live with at least one parent. An estimated 25% of these children live on the streets.(see footnote)

Now for the good news: We have taken in three girls for a total of eight children, we are in the process of identifying temporary, secure living quarters sufficient for all the kids and, Pastor Cornelio Ebo has been invited to attend the Pastors College in Gaithersburg this next September. For those of you who are unaware, Street Kids Philippine Missions is a outreach ministry of His Dwelling Christian Church which has been operating for more than three years.We give praise to our glorious Lord and King.<

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