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Dennis & Marwin Enroll in Bible School

The new year at the Bible School run by Pastor Nilo in Cebu has just begun and DENNIS AND MARWIN, who are both 15 years of age have begun the two-year-program. (Dennis is a more recent addition to the orphanage.)

How exciting! God is indeed working in the heart of our children. Please pray that God would continue to work mightily in their hearts, that He would grant them understanding, and grow them in the wisdom and Spirit of the Lord. Please also pray, that they would be able to carry the extra load above their daily school studies. (Look for more on the Bible School and the kids progress in future posts.)

Pastor Nilo just received the camera we sent him and we should begin to see more on-line media. Please also pray God will bring someone alongside Pastor Nilo to translate the testimonies of the boys so that we can get a first-hand report of their testimonies without adding to Pastor Nilo’s workload. And also, along those lines. that God would grant Matthew and I the gift of Language that we can communicate with the boys.

Pastor Nilo has been diligently searching for rental property to house the kids but up to now, everything is either too small or too expensive. Please pray God will provide something reasonable so that we can get more kids off the streets before Christmas.

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