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Rescued Filipino street kids still abused –, Philippine News for Filipinos

It was reported there are an estimated 250,000 children who play, earn a living or live on the dangerous streets of the Philippines, and here is the clincher: very few institutions cater to the needs of the children, particularly street children.

Reportedly authorities conduct periodic sweeps in an attempt to solve the problem. But child rights advocates claim these “rescues” are carried out independently, indiscriminately and for reasons other than child protection, these are actually arrests, and the street children are merely used to meet the rescue teams “quotas” before they are released back to the streets. This is where we come in. Please get the word out, and let us enter our prayer closets. Help us take the gospel to these, the children of God. Let us be His hands and feet.

The following is an excerpt of the article by Philip Tubeza of the Philippine Daily Inquirer posted 11/17/2009.

UNICEF country representative, Bahay Tuluyan official Catherine Scerri following a study where 599 street children and 144 “rescuers” from Manila, Quezon City, Caloocan, and Pasay were interviewed, said 48 percent of the street children interviewed said they were dragged or forced into vehicles when they were “rescued.”
She added that:
* 24 percent said they were “grabbed” and 19 percent said they “voluntarily went along.”
* 42 percent said the authorities chased them, despite a clear policy against chases.
* 35 percent said they were hurt, nine percent said they were helped, and another nine percent said they were cared for.
* 15 percent “consented” to being rescued, 24 percent did not, 61 percent conceded that they could do nothing.
Scerri said the rescuers came from various agencies—the Metro Manila Development Authority, the Department of Social Welfare and Development and its local counterparts, the barangay, and the police.
She said 94 percent of the rescuers did not introduce themselves to the children, and only 53 percent of the children said their rescuers were in uniform.
“The children said they were beaten and their money or belongings were either taken or destroyed. Some were tricked into going with rescuers and told, ‘We’ll take you to Jollibee,’” Scerri said, adding:
“Others were sexually assaulted or inappropriately touched….”
Only one percent of the children said the “rescue” was explained to them, Scerri said.
“Sadly, we have very few institutions that cater to the needs of children, particularly street children. Much as they want to do more but they don’t have the resources,” she added.
See full article here: Rescued Filipino street kids still abused –, Philippine News for Filipinos.

It’s hard to believe these kids have to endure this kind of abuse.  If you have not joined our cause or made a donation, please prayerfully consider doing so.  Help us provide a future and a hope for impoverished children in the Philippines.

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