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Meet the Gang

The kids’ accomodations are bare bones. But yet, they give thanks for all that they have here. As you know, Dennis and Marwin are attending His Dwelling Bible Training School. This is all very exciting. We have included the curriculum below for their first semester. By God’s will, Marwin and Dennis will be the first of the future pastors and/or evangelists that come from the orphanage. Hallelujah! What a Savior, our glorious God and King!

We have not yet brought in the girls, or the other children waiting for adoption. Pastor Nilo has been searching for temporary housing. They are all either too small or too expensive. If you are considering getting the kids something for Christmas, they are in need of pants and shoes. As an extra treat they are asking for a little candy as well.

Please continue to pray with us for the needs of the orphanage. We’d really like to see more of these kids off the street and in acceptable housing before Christmas, God willing. But whether we do or not, God is still God, holy and sovereign. He is good all the time.

 This Semester’s Studies at Bible Training Center

Personal Evangelism 1
English 1
Courtship, Marriage, and the Christian Home
Personal Hygiene
Methods and Principles of Teaching 1
Doctine of Scripture
Choir & Voice
Doctrine of Salvation
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