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Dreams of a white Christmas anyone?

My emotions are mixed. Some of my favorite memories involve snow. I never really liked the cold and snow always caused inconveniences both imagined and unplanned. But I love how it purified the air, lapped snow capped blankets on everything and caused the world to come to a screeching halt creating a symphony of silence. And most of all, it always presented great opportunities for quality family time, fun and frolicking: like when I fell through the ice at about the age of six or tumbled head over foot—I mean head over ski at the ambiguous age of 30-something give or take a decade. All joking aside, both presented opportunities to draw near to God.

To our friends in Virginia who have already received the bliss that eventually comes with 2 feet of snow, enjoy the blessings good friends, family and blizzards bring. And to everyone else: may your dreams be snow-filled.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and, may you know the wonder of God’s great love in your life more than ever this year.

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