Creating a Generation of Children After God's Own Heart


Mauri – Five Years Old

Meet little Mauri our newest addition to the orphanage. She is five years of age and was brought to us by a couple from the church. Her total wardrobe is what you see. Look for Mauri’s story in future posts.

We’d also ask your prayers as we begin to adopt more children. Funds are very limited. And, we have turned children away due to lack of funds. We are believing God will provide for all our needs. We believe He is sovereign and full of mercy. We also ask you join us in prayer that God would raise up a native speaking Cebuano who will volunteer his or her time in translating some of our documents as we seek support from local businesses and organizations in Cebu. Please pray God will pave the way.

Mauri, together with Jr., Jacko, Romar, Dennis, Joseph and Marwin, depicted in the prior blog post below, starting with the front row, left to right, wish you a VERY MERRY AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS! (Marwin and Romar are brothers just as Dennis and Jr are also brothers.)

WE PRAY that you all would feel the blessed love, joy and peace of our Lord and Savior this Christmas and that He might be gloried in all we do and say. GOD BLESS YOU EVERYONE!

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