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Philippine Christmas Cuisine

Having feasted so grandly this Christmas, I once again cringe at the thought of what comforts we will have to give up in our move to Cebu to run the orphanage there. A part of me knows we will be fine. We will live and God will not forsake us. And, we will be very happy. But a very real part of me must confront the cultural adjustments we will make living in a third-world country. Yes, Cebu has 5 star hotels and is renown for the amenities it offers expats and retirees. But in a very small way, much like the street children of Cebu, we will not be part of the extravagant lifestyle so many of us are so acquainted with.

For us, this Christmas here in the States was a smorgasbord of family, fun, Christopher’s prize recipes combined with Philippine cuisine. Since our son, Christopher’s marriage in 2005 he has become the Iron Chef of Nutley, New Jersey.

Most of you are aware that Matthew and I have been staying temporarily with Chris, his wife Lilian, Lauren Julia their oldest daughter. (Grand baby number 2 is due on February 14, 2009.) Also living with them is Lilian’s mother, father and sister, Loraine. Lily Beth is also visiting for the holidays. Our stay with Chris and his extended family has wonderfully reacquainted us with Philippine traditions and cuisine. For me, it has brought back many childhood memories of family and favorite Philippine morsels my Dad would bring home from time to time.

As a side note, Chris is in the middle of renovating his house. Just one week prior he received his CO and moved into the second floor. A few short days before Christmas, he knocked down the walls to two of the original bedrooms. So our holiday was a little unpolished as always but, very blessed and peaceful.

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Here is some of what was served this Christmas. Chris, as always, was the head chef and slaved many hours in the kitchen in order for us all to enjoy such great a feast. Justina, Lilian’s mother, prepared the most favored lumpia and both of Lilian’s parents prepared the Morcon. Before you leave the site, don’t forget to rate this page and let us know how you are enjoying our posts.

Fresh Ham
Sweet Ham cooked in coke and beer
Morcon (topped with tomatoes and chinese sausage in place of hot dogs)
Baked Macaroni Philippine style
Baked Macaroni (American Style)
Vermont Cheddar Mashed Yukon Golds
Pineapple Stuffing (Everyone’s Favorite)
Waterbath Cheese Cake
Apple Pie
Apple-Cranberry Coffee Cake

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One Comment

  1. Phyllis Polhemus / January 15, 2010

    Lee and matt,
    I really liked the blog and all the pictures. I hope that you all got to Mexico safely and the bus without heat didnt fail you.

    It will be sad to leave behind your family and things but God will be faithful to you and provide all that you need. I can say that bc I know God, although I have not had the principle practiced to the extent that you will. It was sad to hear you having to part with some of things that you talked about. This would be hard for most of us women.
    Just to encourage you, I will be praying for you and Matthew as you leave on Feb. 1st. God bless you both and the work that God has lead you to.

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