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Where Does My Help Come From?

The sun scorched skies singed my resolve. I moved under the cover of every awning and shadow by day to keep from perishing. Every fresh battery by night renewed the threat of impending death that closed in upon us. It had become increasingly difficult to go into town, if merely to pick up the kids from school without experiencing some portion of the heinous violence that gripped the Mexican borderland. Every one of us knew someone personally that had been touched by this war for control over Chihuahua.

It was in these times I had to go before God, to review our calling and examine my resolve. And, it was in these times that I grew in my love and trust for God to such extent that when I learned that Matthew’s name was on a list of people to be kidnapped, I laughed. My only response was praise for a good and holy God. The fear that once gripped me now presented a fresh opportunity to tell of the wondrous mercies of a faithful God who is forever holy, sovereign and kind.

A few short weeks ago, many families in Manila struggled with these types of questions. And now, the people of Haiti have experienced a devastation of epic portions. I can hear the cries of mothers over lost babes and fathers over a lifetime of hard gained earnings annihilated in a moment’s time. And in such great times of sorrow and despair, one must wonder from where help will come?

I pray that each one would come to know our sovereign God. He has not left us nor forsaken us. These are hard concepts to understand especially in midst of crisis. But our heavenly Father seeks to draw you near like a mother hen gathers her chicks under wing. Come. Let him assist you in your grief. He is forever good.

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