Creating a Generation of Children After God's Own Heart


Prayer Update – February 10, 2010

We pray you are blessed by this season of rest with all of the snow God has blessed you with. We are full of praise for all that God has done.

Would you join us in prayer.

1. We have secured temporary housing for the kids. It personally costs us $326 a month for six months and then our rent will increase another $32.50 a month. In addition we will be responsible for all the utilities and food for the children and ourselves. Please pray God will provide for our every need.
2. We are still looking at property in the hopes of having a rehabilitative facility for street kids, the orphanage, church and of course, the orphanage within a half hour south of the city. Pray that we will continue to have favor in the sight of the owner and that negotiations will go forward. Our goal is to raise sufficient monthly donations and carry a mortgage for five years.
3. Please also pray God will provide the monies to raise a building on the property. We anticipate a cost of $20,000 U.S.;
4. That we can move forward on our 501(c)3 application and filing of our SEC here in the Philippines;
5. Pray that God would continue building our liaisons and networks in the Philippines and abroad and that God would grow us in the favor of the authorities and all those involved;
6. That God would continue to raise up workers and volunteers to come alongside us in futhering our program goals;
7. That God would grant us much wisdom coupled with grace;
8. That we would always be mindful of the fact that it is all about Him and not anything we do or say.
9. That we will be able to obtain our visas without difficulty.
10. That the children will continue to bond well with us and that each one would be saved, that their walks would be set on firm foundations and that would declare the wonders of our good and gracious God for generations to come.

Thank you. We cannot thank God enough for you and your faithulness.

In Christ alone,

Matthew and Lee Dwinells

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