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Up to Our Gills in Fish

We’ve been in Cebu, Philipines for about a month now. And, as we thought, much of the diet here is seafood. To my great surprise, I have eaten squid and several types of fish, bangus probably my favorite. Though at times Matthew and I have eaten nothing more than rice when some of the recipes seemed too great a risk to our narrow and selective likings. Matthew in fact, has refused all the fish meals which is 95 percent of the time. We can feed 12 of us for under $3.00 and, the kids love it.

I must confess that I gracefully refused the squid when it was cooked in its own ink. (Check out the Accidental Scientist, The Science of Cooking at:concerning consuming the ink of the octopus or squid. The bangus on the other had a bright taste. The bones are tiny and on the most part are safe to consume. I highly recommend this milk fish for those with weak stomachs and whom are less adventurous than most when it comes to food. My favorite dipping sauce of course, is white vinegar with garlic and soy sauce.

Check out Pinoy Recipe here for Bangus:

And don’t worry readers. At times Matthew and I go out for a little bite just up the street which sometimes includes our favorite desert: halo-halo. The supreme includes mango and ube ice cream, palm fruit, sweetened jackfruit, coconut gel, shredded ice, coconut, coconut milk, sugar and is topped with Special K flakes. Chef Dale Talde brings this classic Filipino dessert to Bravo’s Top Chef in 2008 and ends up in the Top 3 of this Quickfire Challenge. It was also featured on Sydney’s Fresh tv in March of 2009:

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