Creating a Generation of Children After God's Own Heart


Prayer Update – October, 2010

We are currently renting a three bedroom house in Talisay.  There are 26 children and 5 adults. Please pray with us as we attempt to make a move toward permanent housing.  We are currently praying about a specific piece of property. There are two large buildings and a small house on the compound. The kitchen and bathrooms in the two larger buildings need to be gutted. The house probably will need to be razed.

Please join us in prayer and believe with us for God’s provisions for the children. It is difficult to continue renting with so many children and, our needs are constantly growing.

This property would open up many opportunities to us. We would be able to have a small private school, house the Bible students, the children would have more than ample living space and room to play safely within the walls of the compound. Please also pray we will be sensitive to God’s leading and that we will always be lead by the Spirit and not what we see and feel.

Please also pray God would richly bless us with wisdom beyond anything we could ever imagine and lastly that he would continue to go before us as we face the many challenges that regularly arise.

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