Creating a Generation of Children After God's Own Heart


Through the Eyes of a Mother

This video interview addresses a few the touching issues that rip at the heart of this mother, Dalisay, who together with her husband, Matthew run a children’s home and orphanage in Cebu, Philippines.

Her struggles reflect that of a mother’s heart pierced by the haunting  image of the rag torn woman living on the streets of Tabunok, wreaking of her own urine and sharing a bed with discarded pet dogs that now terrorize the streets at night.  She represents the growing number of elderly living on the street, for this woman must be somebody’s Mom.   Even more disrupting is the vision of the likely future of a street child, now maybe 9 or 10 fending for itself on the harsh, unforgiving streets, for this child must have been somebody’s baby.

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  1. Sahabat Anak / December 14, 2011

    Thank you for sharing this. We are facing a similar situation in Indonesia!

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