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All Shook Up

Two earth quakes, several after shocks, schools are closed until an inspector comes to determine if they’ll collapse or not, fears of tsunami… But the more impressive was Pastors rousing sermon yesterday that caused many to come forward for prayer to be better missionaries, including 6 of our own kids here at the orphanage. Because, as Pastor Gil said, if you’re not a missionary you’re the mission field, because Christian is called to be a missionary right where they are.

The property in Carcar doesn’t seem to be working out but there is an opportunity to acquire land in Consulasyon at a very cheap price. About $7 U.S. per square yard, because the owner wants to sell it to some ministry. The surrounding properties in that area are about $150 U.S. per square yard. The catch is we would have to buy the entire lot of about 4 1/2 acres. $160,000. which we could resell a portion to pay for both land and construction. Someone is trying to negotiate for just 2 thousand square yards.

Please pray for 2 of our boys who ran aways because the streets were calling to them. Pray that God would work in there lives live the prodigal son.

Lots of trips to the dentist lately.   So please pray for land and teeth 🙂

Thank you so much for all your prayers!

His Kingdom Come!


P.S. Lee and I could use some rest too. Please pray for another couple to come and live here to share the load. Thanks!

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