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Death Threat

It seems that the father of one of our boys, who has recently been in trouble with the law, has enemies in several locations in both the province and the city. When his son, who now lives with us, tried to help his father move he was chased after by a man with a gun that wants to kill the family. The boy escaped and the family is in hiding. We have all but 2 of their kids living with us.

The pressure on these children when they have to be more grown up than their parents, is torture for them and us, not to mention life threatening.  Recently when  driving through the city to church other homeless people point at us and make comments noting the name of the family.

Please pray for the safety of all our kids. We will be taking a completely different route to church in order to avoid that neighborhood. Pray for their father that he would become saved so dramatically that it confounds his enemies and effects a change of hearts in the whole community to the glory of God!

His Kingdom Come!



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