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Deep Down Joy

Hello all,

Just thought we’d share a conversation Matthew had with one of our boys here at street-kids. Noel came up to me the with a serious look on his face, mustered up his best English, and asked: “Dad! How can I have Joy, dad?” So I stopped what I was doing and and started explaining that true joy can only be found in Jesus, and if we put our trust in Him we can have joy even during times of trouble. To which he responded: “Dad! Joy for dishes, dad!”

Lee and I, along with Pastor Ebo and Nadine, will be joining Pastor Pete in Bohol this coming Monday to revisit and pray over a piece of land that has been offered to us at a very low price (even for the area). We just found out the other day that the price was set low for a quick sale because the owner is in the hospital with lung cancer.

We don’t know if she is saved or her prognosis but Lee has been praying with her friend, who is the realtor as well.

Please join us in prayer as we seek God’s favor concerning the owner, Maxima’s health, healing and all our needs concerning the purchase, building, registration  and licensing of the orphanage and all the financial burdens that come along with it, our SEC and more importantly, that Maxima  would come to know God not only as healer and, not only having heard of Christ by the hearing of her ears. but that God would pour out His Spirit upon her and that she would come to find His  tender mercies and great love ever more sweet.

May we all come before the Lord rejoicing and may the deep down joy of His redeeming love fill your hearts.


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One Comment

  1. Melissa Joy / July 25, 2012

    Praying for you guys. It is so exciting to see God’s hand working over there!

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