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Land Ho!

The long process of obtaining land for long term ministry is over — that is, almost.  We need to pay the second half  by September 30.  Originally it was agreed that we would pay the balance in 3 months or upon receipt of title.  However,  the Seller changed the terms at the closing table.  On the upside, the land is ours and we have the right to take possession  immediately.  Matthew will be going back over the next several weeks to put up temporary fencing.  Fencing is necessary to protect us from possible squatters and, in addition, to deter people from further mining the top soil from our land which is a common practice here .  Approximately 15 – 20 some cubic yards has been taken already.   (Hmmm!  Maybe that’s where we’ll put the septic tank).  Lord willing we’ll have the funds to meet all our needs over the balance of this month.

The property is conveniently located 15-20 minutes from church, shopping, the hospital and, the airport.  We are only  about eight minutes from the sea which we can view from the road.

This past Saturday we hit the road with 500 Cebuano Chic tracts that were donated from friends in Seattle, Washington and distributed them in I.T. Park.  (Cebuano is the native language spoken here.)  We broke the kids up in groups of three and the kids were having a good time when  security stopped us because we lacked the necessary permit.   We really weren’t aware that one was needed.

On other missionary fronts, three of our pastors went to Negros and Leyti island, respectively, this past week bringing tracts as well.  The kids are asking  to go out again to distribute them in a different location.  And of course, we will have to work on getting the necessary permits.  So far the tracts have been distributed on four different islands. (10,000 tracts in total were donated).  May God use them for His glory.

Thank you all for do on behalf of these kids.  Your prayers are effectual and most welcome!

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