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Hello All,

We made the final payment a week ago this past Friday. The Lord provided the funds for the final payment the day of the closing. 🙂 I’m going to have to get the surveyors to come back out and redo the property-markers and actually spend the day with them so that it gets done correctly. I hope I can kill two birds with one stone and get the fence in on the same day.

We’re considering moving there in April whether we have a building or not because rent is cheaper there, it would making it easier to work on the property, and we’d save money by not traveling back and forth from island to island.

I think we’ll only need to buy about 25 square meters and it will no longer be a second lot. Check-out the attachment to see a sketch of what it looks like.

Please pray for John Michael. He’s 9 years old and I met him wandering the streets near our church. I found him again last Sunday laying face down in the middle of the side walk, without even a piece of cardboard, sleeping. I woke him up, bought him breakfast and invited him to church. He took his food and went off. Please pray for another opportunity and that the Holy Spirit would do a work in his heart.

Thank you all for your continued prayers!

His Kingdom Come!



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