Creating a Generation of Children After God's Own Heart


The Boat Has Arrived!

God is faithful to provide!

We want to give special thanks to Ariel Grove, Marshall Stoy, Sovereign Grace Frederick, Trinity Fellowship Church, Toms River, and Petit Family Foundation.  We want you to know we appreciate every one of you who have contributed and stood beside us in prayer, for all we do is by God’s grace and your willingness to give from your hearts.

A big apology to all those who couldn’t find the construction update.  Apparently, it is lost somewhere in cyberspace.  Yet God never loses anything and He’s always in control.  His love and care for us are everlasting.

As you can see, we’ve reached our goal, (actually we surpassed it a bit).  With that said, we look to God all the more for faith in trusting Him.  The monies we raised will build a basic bare bones shelter.  We are expecting a few teams to come later this year, God willing and look forward to see what God will do.

It is with great expectation we seek God for at least one secure structure for the office and kitchen equipment, as well as additional needed staff, which includes another couple to serve as house parents and to share in the burden, if not financially, at least in prayer, manpower and God breathed faith.  As the Lord permits, we would also like to dig a well and install solar electric (which is not just green but very economical here).

So, please continue praying with us, believing, as God gives you faith.  God is forever good.  God is forever faithful.

With love,

Matthew and Lisay “Lee”

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