Creating a Generation of Children After God's Own Heart



For those of you who are new to us, our vision and our great hope is to raise up a generation of children after God’s own heart whom will bring to the streets and their families the great inheritance in Christ that has been bestowed upon them. Our desire is for our children to: become disciples of God’s Word and sound doctrine; sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit; to live lives obedient in faith through the life-changing grace of God, upon which we are all dependent.  But more than that, it is our great hope that they would take the great inheritance of faith they receive and pass it on for generations to come.

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My husband, Matthew and I have the unique privilege of accepting into our home the neglected children of the street, the destitute and the poor.  We have become parents to 21 children and expect to receive 6 more before we  transfer.

It is an awesome responsibility, caring for these children, the gifts of God they are no matter the tyranies of thier pasts. And, I must say that it is only by grace and the great mercies of God that he bestows upon us each time we accept a child into our home.

Currently, our children range between 7 and 23.  A good number of our children will be entering 6th grade this June and it seems as if most of them just turned 17.  Somehow we  lost tract of time in the last 3 years.  All of our children are schooled, though the public system has much to be desired.  Just last year we assisted a young man who no longer lives with us to complete his college education and licensing and, he is now working as an electrical engineer in Cebu.  We are currently assisting another young man who has served us over the past year or so continue his college education.We had one high school graduate back in the month  of March and it is our plan to send her to technical school..

Someone just recently said, “21 children — no way you can give them all individual attention.”

And though there is a certain truth to his words; by God’s grace we know our children intimately.  We know when they are struggling, whether it be with sin or accusation; when they are downcast — we are quick to notice it and, we are faithful to draw them out, to help them identify their struggles, comfort them and help them turn their eyes toward the LORD.

We currently have two young adults assisting us and we will be joined by another christian
couple once we are able to find housing sufficient to meet our needs.

You my know that several months ago we purchased land in the island of Bohol and we will be transferring there in a few short weeks and over the next year it is our hope to construct what will be the permanent home of Street Kids Philippine Missions.  During that time we will be renting in Bohol.  I believe we were able to secure a place within 10 minutes of a Sovereign Grace church led by Pastor Pete Valdez.

On a practical level, we provide the children food, shelter, clothing, medical and dental care and education.  We have dreams of  planting fruit trees and, vegetables, installing solar heating, digging a deep well and installing a fish pond to supplement our food requirements.  In addition, we hope to begin gaining support for scholarships to provide our children with quality education and tutoring, where needed.

We do face many challenges living in  third world country, overcoming prideful, stubborn hearts, cultural differences, traditions, self defeating laws and  generational bondages and in many cases, false idolotry.  But we are not moved by powers and principalities that would beset us, and at times they hit like a monster storm, FOR we know God has a plan for us and His children.
But by the grace of God we would be overwhelmed.  We have come near exasperated at times; however, God has a plan and a purpose for these His children and we forging ahead with our eyes set steady on the LORD, with our hearts bathed in the word of God. For every stumbling block that satan, the world or the flesh sets before us, we rise on the wings of the LORD for He is ours and we are His.  To the praise of His glorious name.

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