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Mom Momments

Here’s one for those of you who like daily living quips, especially for you Moms who treasure the moments with your kids.

Set up:  Our bathroom is what they call a “wet bathroom.”  Meaning it is always wet because the bathing area is not portioned off from the rest of the bathroom. Adding to the drama, the kids have a hard time figuring out how to wash their faces and flush the toilet without getting water all over the floor.  I have purchased mats (4 to be specific) in an attempt to keep the floor clean.

This morning, Judy Ann goes into the bathroom wearing her black leather shoes for school.

Me:  Judy Ann, don’t go in the bathroom with your shoes on.

Judy Ann:  I did not go outside, Mom.

Me:  Really?  Did you go outside in them yesterday?

Judy Ann:  Blushes and smiles, “Oh…, yes.”



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