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Baby It’s Cold Out There!

Baby it’s cold,Yes it actually got down to 74 degrees. It’s been mostly in the 70s but it reached the high 80s since Christmas. Peer said once: “it’s so cold! I have never been this cold before. Everybody’s wearing hooded jackets, winter coats and heavy sweaters and sweat shirts, meanwhile I’m walking around in a T-shirt, thinking this is the best weather since I’ve been here. Crazy American!We have solar! That’s right. It’s not a full system but it will cover us for the Ref and lights and 1 or 2 other things if the electricity goes off. It’s also movable so Lord willing, when we get to the permanent location we can bring it along.  The girls shower is done and we’re almost done digging out a new septic for the boys bathroom. The old one collapsed because it was just a hole in the ground with a cement top that only had wood for reinforcement, which rotted. Several of the kids got involved in the discipleship training at church to learn to be better evangelists. May God make them so productive it makes us shout for joy!Our broker said we should be getting the title on the land this month, so keep praying! Speaking of praying: My back, and my right knee have been bothering me lately, so I thank thr Lord in advance for your prayers.His Kingdom Come!Matthew

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