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Graduation – Batch 2014

Brothers and sisters, friends and family,

“Batch” is a term they use here in the Philippines in place of “Class of…”  We agree it sounds as if we threw them in a bowl like a bunch of ingredients, mixed them up, put them in the oven and, ta dah! Instant……  Jacko, Michell and Jefferson participated in the graduation dance.  They had a great time performing and we enjoyed it equally–Jacko’s smile steals to show.  he, he, he.

Anyway, we hope you’re all enjoying the spring. Here we need to lift our feet to walk through the humidity. 🙂

6 of our kids are now moving into high school. Two have graduated high school:  Marwen and Romar.  Marwen is going on to study Restaurant and Hotel Management and Romar will be taking a 2 1/2 month course on electrical installation and maintenance.  Ailyn, having graduated last year, completed a year college level studies in “care giving,” and is presently working full-time this year.  We will see what next year brings.

At the sixth grade graduation ceremony JayR, who received high honours, gave the class speech. He talked about how he was born into a very poor family and because of hunger he left his home and traveled to the city to find food at the age of seven. He told of how it seemed good to just play in the streets and eventually get caught up into sniffing glue. He told how God protected him and guided him to a church that started an orphanage and that it was difficult because the church was poor too. He told how God sent two Americans to takeover the orphanage and how they were able to eat and go to school and church, and how he became a Christian. He said: “There is a lot of trouble in this world but God has a plan for me!” (This was paraphrased from Cebuano)  This was in a public school.

On a sad note: The father of four of our girls was stabbed and is in the hospital. Their hearts are heavy because their father is an alcoholic, an unbeliever and constantly in and out of trouble. Please pray! Most of the kids,who have family, hear many woes from their families. They do tell them the Gospel though! We trust in God!

Lee’s leg is healed, and my knee is getting better although the doctor says I may need surgery some time in the future. Thank you all for praying.

We thank you all for standing beside us! Bless The Lord!

His Kingdom Come!

Matthew and Lee

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