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Corn and Chicken Tenders,Yum!

Hello Brothers & Sisters,We planted 300 sweet corn and they’re almost all about 4 inches tall right now. Should The Lord provide sufficient rain we should get about 600-900 ears of corn. Let’s see what the The Lord will do.

We also have about 90 chickens, eight of which we’re going to eat this Saturday. Our chickens are free range chickens but if you put them in a crate for several days prior to dressing them they are more tender. Our
grocery bill is about $400-$500 per week for 35 people (Recently though carrots, potatoes and cabbage
almost doubled in price).

We have 16 kids in elementary, 5 kids in ALS (home school with government exams every Saturday), 4 kids in
high school, 2 in college, 1about to go into TESDA (skills training) for electrical maintenance and installation, and
one working at a department store who is hoping to return to school for further education in home-health-aid. Phew!

We are praying that another foreign couple, who has gifts differing from ours, would want to come and serve here.  The pay is $0.00 and it’s doubled every six months. I know! It’s almost irresistible!

Please pray for Lee as she is in the States now, and might probably be visiting some of you!

His Kingdom Come!


P.S.  Oh, the kids are growing like corn stalks too! ha,ha, ha

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