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Sleep Stack

imageBrothers and Sisters,

I hope you are all well in the Lord!

We have been busier than normal hear with working on the property, (the upside down photo), the extra kids, several vehicle issues, getting the ALS kids in there Tesda (college level vocational training) courses, helping the new kids adjust to very different surroundings and more.

As far as the ALS kids go….. Rosemarie is taking dress making, Jefferson is taking a culinary course and Anthony is taking auto motive. These will all apply to there further education. Although there is still a stretch ahead of them we praise God that they have come so far. Thank you for your prayers!

The first pic shows the recent grading and leveling of our property in order to start building once we have the funds. Please continue to pray with us as we try to get our property ready to build on. As the Lord provides we will be building nimageative style huts at first unless He provides the funds for a more permanent structure. Pray for me in that I’m not looking forward to the whole native hut thing but if this is what God has for us at this time……. He is good!

When we enrolled our kids in the new school the principle and teachers complained that these street kids are going to be a problem for the rest of the kids. Just recently the remarks from the same were of amazement over how well “most” of them behaved (“most” because we do have new kids and there’s a learning curve) and how they don’t just throw their garbage anywhere but hold it until they find a garbage can (which is a rare quality here), they even pick up garbage they see. With this maybe the Lord will give them and us more opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus.

Although we have bunk beds we have more kids than beds. Some of the little boys went to sleep without changing or unstacking the mattresses. Pic 2

The final pic just shows the coolest motorcycle with side car I’ve seen.

Thank you all so much for sticking with us in prayer! Blessings!

His Kingdom Come!

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