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Vermont-NEA Aspiring Educators is open to any aspiring educator in a Vermont college or an online college and living in Vermont.  With the support of thousands of Vermont-NEA members, our Aspiring Educator Program will help link the learning from the college campus to the role in the public school classroom.  

Vermont Aspiring Educators are part of one Vermont "Chapter." Our small size with a small number of colleges who educate aspiring educators, and the realization that at one k-12 school site, there may be aspiring educators from multiple schools, has led to the focus on developing AE programs at the k-12 school site leve.  Vermont Aspiring Educators are supported in developing skills to be profession-ready through professional learning, student advocacy and outreach, and leadership training.  


To join the Vermont Aspiring Educators, click here.  Vermont-NEA Aspiring Educator Membership is paid for by Vermont-NEA members through a generous scholarship fund!  

Spring/Summer  2023 Trainings

Vermont-NEA Aspiring Educator Program is a state-level program with members from Vermont Higher Ed Campuses. This spring/summer, we are offering programs to support your professional goals, wherever you are in your academic programming. Vermont-NEA offers free NEA memberships to aspiring educators. Join here. Those in alternate route programs are welcome to participate!


Aspiring Ed Spring/Summer Series

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