Creating a Generation of Children After God's Own Heart


The complex above is our longterm goal. The final product will look markedly different that the one displayed.  I for one am glad for that as most of our building materials will now be donated bamboo and amican – much warmer and cultural in nature than the tin boxes previously proposed.  God has a tender way of molding our will to His and causing us to to depend on Him.

A big thank you to all those who have supported Street Kids and prayed with us over the years.

God has done great things for us.  He has filled our mouths with laughter and our hearts with praise.  We are very aware of God’s presence.  There is no denying His great grace and favor poured out on us. He is opening doors and changing hearts as He makes us more like Him each day. (More about that later.)

For now, we are in great need of prayer!  The landlord, along with one of buyers for the property we are renting gave us less than four weeks to move with little or no regard for the welfare of the kids.  Many of you know that the process of obtaining title to our own property has been a long and arduous task.

The most important item for prayer is to finally obtain our title.  Please pray God will grant us favor as we move forward,  taking a more aggressive stance.  Beyond the title, there are still some great mountains to scale, however. Please also pray for God’s favor concerning all the legalities; that He go before us and behind us clearing every obstacle that hinders the building project’s completion.  We ask that God be with us as we apply for electric and water connections, permits, et cetera; and for great favor with our new neighbors, the Mayor and the Barangay Captain and that He lead us to partner with the right people for the tasks at hand.

Though the tone of this letter may sound grave, we are more than confident God will complete what he has begun.  God is greater than the highest mountain peak.

We also wanted to give special thanks for you; and, that we are honored to partner with you in advancing His Kingdom these several years.


P.S.  By the way, Now is a good time to plan a building missions trip!  See you then.

P.S.S.  This prayer need seems to always get put on the back burner:  Please pray God will raise up a licensed social worker who has a heart for missions to serve us.

Hello Brothers & Sisters,We planted 300 sweet corn and they’re almost all about 4 inches tall right now. Should The Lord provide sufficient rain we should get about 600-900 ears of corn. Let’s see what the The Lord will do.

We also have about 90 chickens, eight of which we’re going to eat this Saturday. Our chickens are free range chickens but if you put them in a crate for several days prior to dressing them they are more tender. Our
grocery bill is about $400-$500 per week for 35 people (Recently though carrots, potatoes and cabbage
almost doubled in price).

We have 16 kids in elementary, 5 kids in ALS (home school with government exams every Saturday), 4 kids in
high school, 2 in college, 1about to go into TESDA (skills training) for electrical maintenance and installation, and
one working at a department store who is hoping to return to school for further education in home-health-aid. Phew!

We are praying that another foreign couple, who has gifts differing from ours, would want to come and serve here.  The pay is $0.00 and it’s doubled every six months. I know! It’s almost irresistible!

Please pray for Lee as she is in the States now, and might probably be visiting some of you!

His Kingdom Come!


P.S.  Oh, the kids are growing like corn stalks too! ha,ha, ha

Baby it’s cold,Yes it actually got down to 74 degrees. It’s been mostly in the 70s but it reached the high 80s since Christmas. Peer said once: “it’s so cold! I have never been this cold before. Everybody’s wearing hooded jackets, winter coats and heavy sweaters and sweat shirts, meanwhile I’m walking around in a T-shirt, thinking this is the best weather since I’ve been here. Crazy American!We have solar! That’s right. It’s not a full system but it will cover us for the Ref and lights and 1 or 2 other things if the electricity goes off. It’s also movable so Lord willing, when we get to the permanent location we can bring it along.  The girls shower is done and we’re almost done digging out a new septic for the boys bathroom. The old one collapsed because it was just a hole in the ground with a cement top that only had wood for reinforcement, which rotted. Several of the kids got involved in the discipleship training at church to learn to be better evangelists. May God make them so productive it makes us shout for joy!Our broker said we should be getting the title on the land this month, so keep praying! Speaking of praying: My back, and my right knee have been bothering me lately, so I thank thr Lord in advance for your prayers.His Kingdom Come!Matthew

Please pray for our dear Jacko. He has broken his arm and requires an expensive operation but thankfully there are public hospitals where the cost will be minimal. We will have to bring him to the public hospital on Sunday to admit him and the operation will be done on Monday. God has granted him up until now minimal pain. We pray for his continued good favor with God. Please also pray God will guide the hands and the knowledge of the doctor(s) involved.

Hello All,

We made the final payment a week ago this past Friday. The Lord provided the funds for the final payment the day of the closing. 🙂 I’m going to have to get the surveyors to come back out and redo the property-markers and actually spend the day with them so that it gets done correctly. I hope I can kill two birds with one stone and get the fence in on the same day.

We’re considering moving there in April whether we have a building or not because rent is cheaper there, it would making it easier to work on the property, and we’d save money by not traveling back and forth from island to island.

I think we’ll only need to buy about 25 square meters and it will no longer be a second lot. Check-out the attachment to see a sketch of what it looks like.

Please pray for John Michael. He’s 9 years old and I met him wandering the streets near our church. I found him again last Sunday laying face down in the middle of the side walk, without even a piece of cardboard, sleeping. I woke him up, bought him breakfast and invited him to church. He took his food and went off. Please pray for another opportunity and that the Holy Spirit would do a work in his heart.

Thank you all for your continued prayers!

His Kingdom Come!



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