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Magtoon ka’g dugang, makakat’on ka’g dugang

“Magtoon ka’g dugang, makakat’on ka’g dugang.”

The more you study, the more you learn.

In this article the focus is on phrases that are easy to remember when talking casually to your Cebuano friend. You can surprise your friends with these Cebuano phrases interjected between English phrase.

The proper pronunciation of Cebuano is: see-boo-an-o
English – “Cebuano”
Is it (the weather) always this hot? – “In-ani ba kainit pirmi?”
Are you joking? – “Gabinuang ba ka?”
You are too funny! – “Kataw-anan kaayo ka!”
Take me anywhere – “Dal-a ko bisan aha”
I’m getting hungry – “Gigutom nako”
Let’s get something to eat, please. – “Mangaon sa ta beh”
How much is this? – “Tagpila kini”
Are you ready? – ” Andam na ba ka?”
Let’s go! – “Tara na!”
Do you like to sing? – “Gusto ka mukanta?”
Don’t be silly! – “Ayaw pagbinuang!”
What is showing at the cinemas today? – “Unsa’y salida sa mga sinehan karon?”
Let’s go to the beach – “Mangadto ta sa dagat”
Can we go fishing- “Pwede ba ta mangisda?”
Let’s go to the beach – “Mangadto ta ug dagat”
Do you have money?- “Naa ka bay kwarta?”
Boy, is this delicious! – “Lamia ani uy!”
Ako taga-Basayin. I am Basayin
Ako taga-America – I am American.

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