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Main office numbers: 802.223.6375 and 800.649.6375 

Staff direct numbers and email addresses are below. Have a quick question? Email us here.  

For assistance with general employment matters, contract negotiations, grievance
handling, and local Association organizing, or for information about legal assistance,
call your UniServ Director...

Natasha Eckart, Southern Vermont 802.224.2417 | [email protected]

Stuart Russo-Savage,  Central Vermont 802.224.2413 | [email protected]

Lindsey Lefebvre,  Northeast Kingdom 802.224.2406 | [email protected]

Matthew Polk,  Northwestern Vermont 802.224.2407 | [email protected]

Chris Guros,  Addison-Rutland 802.224.2419 | [email protected]

Jennifer Given,  Upper Valley 802.224.2404 | [email protected]

Sean Leach, Chittenden 802.224.2405 | [email protected]

For legal assistance in job-related matters (Attorneys only take cases referred to them by a UniServ Director)...

Rebecca McBroom, General Counsel (please call or email your UniServ Director, attorneys only take cases refered to them by a UniServ Director)

For assistance with communications...

Darren Allen, Communications Director 802.224.2403 | [email protected]

For assistance with member benefits, insurance and retirement investments...

Mark Hage, Member Benefits Director 802.224.2420 | [email protected]

For assistance with professional development, licensing, National Board Certification...

Julie Longchamp, Professional Programs Director 802.224.2421 | [email protected]
You may schedule a meeting here. 

For assistance with organizing and political action...

Colin Robinson, Political Director, 802.224.2410 | [email protected]

For assistance with organizing and membership recruitment...

Lara Slesar, Organizer 802.224.2423 | [email protected]

Joe Moore, Organizer / UniServ Director 802.224.2424 | [email protected]

For information about dues collection and membership records...

Jean Jarrett, Membership/Accounting 802.224.2412 | [email protected]

Mary Graves, Business Manager 802.224.2418 | [email protected]

To reach the Association President and Executive Director...

President: Don Tinney  802.224.2402 | [email protected]

Executive Director: Jeff Fannon  802.224.2414 | [email protected]


For inquiries regarding American Rescue Plan funds and public schools...

Andrew Emrich, ARP Coordinator  802.224.2428 | [email protected]


For general inquiries, contact a Vermont-NEA Administrative Assistant...

Kristie Ferguson, Executive Assistant 802.224.2409 | [email protected]

Erin Green, Administrative Assistant 802.224.2411 | [email protected]

Carrie Emerson, Administrative Assistant 802.224.2408 | [email protected]

Kayla Giron, Administrative Assistant 802.224.2401 | [email protected]


For information about professional licenses...

Standards Board for Professional Educators 802.828.2444


For information about teacher retirement...

State Teachers’ Retirement System 802.828.2305

toll free: 1.800.642.3191

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