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Legislators Show Whose Side They’re On With Resounding Override of Pension Veto

Legislators Show Whose Side They’re On With Resounding Override of Pension Veto

Now law, the reforms will lead to a stronger, more secure retirement for teachers, state employees, and troopers

MONTPELIER – Moments ago, the Vermont House reaffirmed its overwhelming support of the legislature’s pension reform package by voting to override Gov. Phil Scott’s veto two days after the Senate’s own unanimous override vote. The following statement can be attributed to Don Tinney, a high school English teacher who serves as the elected president of Vermont-NEA:

“When debate over the future of our public pension systems began more than a year ago, we asked a simple question of lawmakers and statewide elected officials: ‘Whose side are you on?’ Well, this week, lawmakers told us loud and clear that they are on the side of hard-working teachers, state employees, and troopers by unanimously voting to override the governor’s misguided and cynical veto of a pension reform package devised after months of work. Indeed, the legislature’s pension task force – comprised of lawmakers, union members, a representative of the treasurer’s office and even a high-ranking member of the governor’s own cabinet – crafted the pension measure over the course of 17 open and publicly available meetings.

“On behalf of my 13,000 fellow members, I want to thank lawmakers for their work, and for their resounding support of teachers, troopers, and state employees who dedicate their careers to serving their fellow Vermonters. This package of reforms is a key step in ensuring those who serve Vermont have financial security in retirement.

“We know whose side the legislature is on. With his veto of a measure that enjoyed tripartisan, unanimous support in the Statehouse, we don’t have to guess whose side the governor is on.”

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