Creating a Generation of Children After God's Own Heart


imageBrothers and Sisters,

I hope you are all well in the Lord!

We have been busier than normal hear with working on the property, (the upside down photo), the extra kids, several vehicle issues, getting the ALS kids in there Tesda (college level vocational training) courses, helping the new kids adjust to very different surroundings and more.

As far as the ALS kids go….. Rosemarie is taking dress making, Jefferson is taking a culinary course and Anthony is taking auto motive. These will all apply to there further education. Although there is still a stretch ahead of them we praise God that they have come so far. Thank you for your prayers!

The first pic shows the recent grading and leveling of our property in order to start building once we have the funds. Please continue to pray with us as we try to get our property ready to build on. As the Lord provides we will be building nimageative style huts at first unless He provides the funds for a more permanent structure. Pray for me in that I’m not looking forward to the whole native hut thing but if this is what God has for us at this time……. He is good!

When we enrolled our kids in the new school the principle and teachers complained that these street kids are going to be a problem for the rest of the kids. Just recently the remarks from the same were of amazement over how well “most” of them behaved (“most” because we do have new kids and there’s a learning curve) and how they don’t just throw their garbage anywhere but hold it until they find a garbage can (which is a rare quality here), they even pick up garbage they see. With this maybe the Lord will give them and us more opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus.

Although we have bunk beds we have more kids than beds. Some of the little boys went to sleep without changing or unstacking the mattresses. Pic 2

The final pic just shows the coolest motorcycle with side car I’ve seen.

Thank you all so much for sticking with us in prayer! Blessings!

His Kingdom Come!

My husband Matthew and I are discovering another side to the story of poverty. We provide the necessitites of life; i.e., food, shelter and, education, to 31 children ages 7 to 21. We dwell with them. We laugh and cry together. We pray with them and over them. We teach them the love of Jesus and sound Biblical Doctrine. We plug them into our local church and immerse them in love. God is doing something wonderful amongst us!

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It has become commonplace in charitable giving to ask, What is the most highly leveraged way to invest money in order to have the greatest impact for the kingdom?  The question is legitimate, and it often reflects a godly desire to steward the Lord’s resources faithfully.  However, donors need to remember that reconciling people’s relationshilps with God, self, others, and the rest of creation is simply not the same as producing and selling widgets.  Deep and lasting change takes time.  In fact, fully engaging the poor in a participatory process takes lots of time.  But if donors do not want the equipment to rust in the fields, they are going to have to accept a slower process, a process in which the poor are empowered to decide whether or not they even want the equipment in the first place.  It might help donors if they remembered that creating decision-making capacity on the part of the poor is a return–arguably the chief return–on their investment.  (When Helping Hurts How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor… and Yourself.  Steven Corbett and Brian Fikkert.  Moody Publishers c 2009, 2012.)

Help empower Street Kids PM as we help equip and empower our children with decision-making capacity to impact their world for God’s glory.  The Return on Interest (ROI) will be invaluable.

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The complex above is our longterm goal. The final product will look markedly different that the one displayed.  I for one am glad for that as most of our building materials will now be donated bamboo and amican – much warmer and cultural in nature than the tin boxes previously proposed.  God has a tender way of molding our will to His and causing us to to depend on Him.

A big thank you to all those who have supported Street Kids and prayed with us over the years.

God has done great things for us.  He has filled our mouths with laughter and our hearts with praise.  We are very aware of God’s presence.  There is no denying His great grace and favor poured out on us. He is opening doors and changing hearts as He makes us more like Him each day. (More about that later.)

For now, we are in great need of prayer!  The landlord, along with one of buyers for the property we are renting gave us less than four weeks to move with little or no regard for the welfare of the kids.  Many of you know that the process of obtaining title to our own property has been a long and arduous task.

The most important item for prayer is to finally obtain our title.  Please pray God will grant us favor as we move forward,  taking a more aggressive stance.  Beyond the title, there are still some great mountains to scale, however. Please also pray for God’s favor concerning all the legalities; that He go before us and behind us clearing every obstacle that hinders the building project’s completion.  We ask that God be with us as we apply for electric and water connections, permits, et cetera; and for great favor with our new neighbors, the Mayor and the Barangay Captain and that He lead us to partner with the right people for the tasks at hand.

Though the tone of this letter may sound grave, we are more than confident God will complete what he has begun.  God is greater than the highest mountain peak.

We also wanted to give special thanks for you; and, that we are honored to partner with you in advancing His Kingdom these several years.


P.S.  By the way, Now is a good time to plan a building missions trip!  See you then.

P.S.S.  This prayer need seems to always get put on the back burner:  Please pray God will raise up a licensed social worker who has a heart for missions to serve us.

I like my bed. I don’t take kindly to traveling locally or across the world. I love sitting at my desk looking out my window as I complete paperwork and work orders. I press my clothes a certain way and go to the same stylist every time I get my haircut. I like a certain brand dress shirt. I wouldn’t dream of changing my brand of shoes. I like healthy fresh food and a nice rack of lamb. I cannot fathom laying down roots in a third world country nonetheless rising from my bed to the hustle of 31 children of all ages day by day.

Several years ago my mother Lee and my stepdad Matt sold their house, their business and either sold or gave away what they couldn’t fit inside of two cars as they set out to the mission field which began in an orphanage in one of the poorest and most corrupt places on earth, Mexico and, after a preparatory of 3-1/2 years, the Philippines. Right now they are entrusted with 31 boys and girls of various ages ranging from 7 to 20 years of age.

So who are these children and where did they come from?

They are children of the street destined to poverty and a life of drugs, sex and crimes. They sniffed rugby and smoked shabu, (the drugs of choice in the Philippines), as do some of their parents today. They lived their lives rarely

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Your support through prayers, messages, and visits help us do the work we are called to do!