Meet The Negotiators.

We are your teachers, paraeducators, bus drivers - your friends and neighbors - who dedicate our lives to Vermont's future.


The governor, VSBA, and others who want to erode the right of Vermont's educators and wrest control from local school boards say that elected school board members are outgunned at the bargaining table.  The truth is that for 50 years, local educators - English teachers, paraeducators, bus drivers, math teachers, kindergarten teachers - have sat across from their friends and neighbors who serve on local school boards.  More than 5,000 times they've reacged agreements that have made Vermont's schools among the very best in the nation.

We want to tell our story - so you understand that, when it comes to our local schools, local educators and locally elected school boards know how to do what's best for their communities, their schools, their educators and, most importantly, their students.

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