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Vermont-NEA Board Gives Nod to Balint for Congress

State’s Largest Union Recommends Balint for Congress

Vermont-NEA cites her commitment to working families, educators, and unions

MONTPELIER – The Vermont-NEA is recommending the election of Becca Balint for Vermont’s lone US House seat, the board of the state’s largest union announced today, noting her steadfast support of public schools, educators, labor unions, and working families during her time leading the state Senate.

“Throughout her career, Becca has shown a keen understanding of how important public schools – and the people who work in them – are to all Vermonters,” said Don Tinney, a high school English teacher who serves as the elected president of the 13,000-member Vermont-NEA. “She has also demonstrated her commitment to all working Vermonters, and we know she will bring that badly needed perspective to Washington.”

The National Education Association – the 3-million-member union of which Vermont-NEA is a part – has also recommended Balint’s election.

“With the growing threats against public education, labor unions, reproductive rights, the environment, and even Democracy itself, it is vital that Vermont send a Democrat to Congress,” Tinney said.

“The Vermont NEA is a powerhouse advocate for workers' rights, public education, and a more informed and just society. I am immensely proud to have earned their endorsement,” Balint said. “As a former teacher and NEA member, I know the importance of public education and public educators' unions and will be a strong advocate for teachers and labor in Washington.”

Under Balint’s leadership, the Vermont Senate has passed measures that strengthen Vermont’s middle class. Her leadership was particularly effective in garnering unanimous votes at every step of the legislative process that produced this year's public pension reforms. Indeed, not a single lawmaker from any party cast a single "no" vote on the pension package in either the House or Senate, and both chambers, for the first time in history, unanimously overrode a gubernatorial veto.

Balint’s legislative experience is balanced by her time as a middle school teacher – and former member of Vermont-NEA. “At a time when some politicians would weaken our public schools and threaten our children’s future, Becca knows first-hand what educators see every day,” Tinney said. “We need more people like Becca in Congress – not more millionaires who have more in common with corporate CEOs than with teachers, paraeducators, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, school nurses, and custodians.”

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Darren Allen Sep 06 2022