Deadline March 8th

The Vermont-NEA Human and Civil Rights Committee announces the annual Vermont-NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards each year at the Vermont-NEA Representative Assembly in the early spring.  The award looks to recognize and advance the work of Vermonters or Vermont organizations advancing human and civil rights.  Vermont-NEA offers a cash prize to award winners and may nominate them for consideration for a NEA Humand and Civil Rights Award later in the year.  The 2023 deadline is March 8th by 5:00 PM.  Nominations may only be submitted by current Vermont-NEA members. Click here to access the nomination form.


1) Accepts nominations without regard to race, color, creed, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation or national origin.
2) Reserves the right to present no award or to select a nominee other than the person or organization nominated for the award.
3) Presents awards to nominees as selected by the Vermont-NEA Human/Civil Rights Committee and approved by the Vermont-NEA Executive Committee.



1) May be individuals, schools, NEA affiliates, or organizations working in the area of human and civil rights;
2) Must be NEA members if eligible for membership;
3) Must not have performed the activities that meet the awards criteria as part of compensated Association staff responsibilities.


1) Must be Vermont-NEA members;
2) Must make nominations for a specific award category;
3) Must submit a single, completed nomination application that includes:
            • Nomination Form
            • Cover letter
            • Criteria Eligibility Form
            • Other materials which support the nomination (optional)
4) Must have nomination forms and documentation postmarked, delivered, or faxed on or before 5:00 p.m. on March 8, 2023 to:  Vermont-NEA, 10 Wheelock Street, Montpelier, VT 05602. Email to [email protected] or fax to (802) 223-1253.


Click here to access the nomination form.


Past Vermont-NEA Human and Civil Rights Award Winners

Muslim Girls Making Change (2017)

 Muslim Girls Making Change


Migrant Justice (2017 NEA winner and 2015 Vermont-NEA winner)

Migrant Justice

Reading to End Racism (2016)

Reading to End Racism

Outright-Vermont (2016)


Steve Tatum, member, Orleans Central Education Association (2017)

Jeryl Julian-Cisse, member, Windham Central Education Association (2016)

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